Nearly Perfect Crossfit


Wods for the week 4-29-13 to 5-4-13

This is for those of you that start checking to see if I’ve posted the wods yet. It’s not even Sunday, much less, late in the evening!   MONDAY 4-29-13 “Schmalls” for time:* Run 800 meters Then 2 Rounds of: 50 Burpees 40 Pull-ups 30 Pistols 20 KB Swings (53,[…]

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Wods for the week 4-22-13 to 4-27-13

“Share the Pain” this week! Bring your friends to check our wods this week for free. The Nutritional Challenge is not over. I’ve been getting less meal records lately. Are you keeping track of what you’re eating and just not writing it down? Don’t give up now. Some of you[…]

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Wods for the week 4-15-13 to 4-20-13

Share the Pain Next week! It may rain several days this week so let’s plan our fun for next week. Of course anytime you want to bring a guest, even if it’s not a planned week of Share the Pain, that’s fine. Always good to share with others. MONDAY 4-15-13[…]

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Wods for the week 4-8-13 to 4-13-13

I want to include a note before I post the wods this week. Several of you may know this but it is always good to remind people. Word of mouth is the best way to advertise a good product. It is also the most effective and convincing when people see[…]

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Good photos

I have lots of photos that show just how fast we move. Sometimes we are so fast we are almost invisible! These are the pictures I thought were good. They show some new people… New places to work out… New positions… Some normal pictures…(I don’t want to say old faces)[…]

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