Nearly Perfect Crossfit


Wods for the week 12-1-14 to 12-6-14

December is here! I’ve been thinking about when to schedule our Christmas party at the gym. Saturday December 20th seems to be a good date. If we start at 6:00 pm we will have plenty of time to eat, visit and play games. Bring food to share and bring your[…]

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Wods for the week 11-24-14 to 11-29-14

Don’t get used to this early posting, it may never happen again! We will have regular hours this week except for Thursday which is Thanksgiving Day. Be sure you sign up for every class you intend to be in. If people are signed up and cancel, you cannot count on[…]

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Wods for the week 11-10-14 to 11-15-14

For those of you who signed up for the Everyday_Warrior Battle wods, you should have posted your results for workout #1 by now on the leader board. We have another Battle wod this week. If you aren’t able to do the wod on the scheduled day, you can do it[…]

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Wods for the week 11-3-14 to 11-8-14

Thank you all who participated in the “Pride in our Gym” wods. The mats are clean. The floor and walls are clean. The vapor barrier should keep the moisture condensation on the cement away from the mats and away from us. I didn’t have to do everything by myself and[…]

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