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Wods for the week 8-31-15 to 9-4-15

I’m trying to think ahead. I am waiting in the airport in Atlanta, typing up these wods for next week. Since I’m thinking ahead, I expect that you can think ahead too! That means, before the weekend is over you will have signed up for the Festivus Games and convinced[…]

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Competition WODs week 8-31-15 to 9-4-15

I am on my way to Romania as I type. Actually, we are sitting on the runway in St. Louis heading to Atlanta. Getting started on a trip or on a wod always needs a good, deep breath! WOD #1 4 Rounds for time: 10 Russian KB Swings* (70, 53)[…]

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Wods for the week 8-24-15 to 8-29-15

For those of you waiting to sign up for the Festivus games you have one more week to sign up at the best price. If you want to sign up for the more expensive game plan, wait one more week and the price goes up again on September 1st! You[…]

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WODs for the Week 8-16-15 to 8-22-15

I am doing some research on Strength Training past the Starting Strength program we have been doing. For most of you, you haven’t gotten to the point you can’t increase. Keep doing what you’re doing. For those of you that seem to have stalled, I’m working on the program to[…]

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Competition WODs Week of 8-17-15 to 8-21-15

WOD #1 4 Rounds of: 7 Bear Complex* 7 Weighted Pull-ups (25, 15) 3 minutes rest between rounds *increase weight for Bear Complex each round **do 1 Pull-up after the wod is over for each time you come off the pull-up bar or drop the barbell before 7 reps are[…]

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WODs for the week 8-10-15 to 8-15-15

For those of you that haven’t signed up for the Festivus Games yet, you know you want to, just do it! Don’t wait anymore. Check your schedule and jump in. The judges are chosen and the awards are ordered. One of them might be yours, but only if you enter[…]

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