Nearly Perfect Crossfit


WODs for the week 3-28-16 to 4-2-16

Happy Easter! I hope everyone celebrated well. If you ate too much candy, don’t worry, I can help you work it off! We have 5 wods this week planned since the Open is over. If you haven’t finished 16.5 yet, you still have one more day to do, and then[…]

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WODs for the week 3-21-16 to 3-26-16

We have only one more Open WOD to go in this year’s competition! Unless you are repeating 16.4 for a better score, then you have two left. I am so proud of you that signed up and are trying your hardest. Your scores reflect your efforts in everything you do![…]

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WODs for the week 3-14-16 to 3-19-16

There are two “holidays’ in this week! The first one is Pi Day, 3.1416. We will be doing fun things with pies/circles! Then there is St. Patrick’s Day. We will do everything with  Irish “tankards” in our hands. No green beer in them, but we can pretend! As far as[…]

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WODs for the week 3-7-16 to 3-12-16

If you still need to repeat your Open 16.2 wod there is plenty of time. You have all day tomorrow, or until 7 pm our time, to improve and post your new score! Sometimes just a rep or two makes the difference in 4 more minutes! I will be repeating[…]

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