Nearly Perfect Crossfit


WODs for the week 5-27-19 to 6-1-19

Remember, the gym will be closed for Memorial Day weekend. Don’t fret, however, we will do “Murph” on Tuesday in all the classes. You will have the option of doing 1/4 “Murph” (10-15 minutes), 1/2 “Murph” (30-40 minutes), or the “whole shebang” which usually take a little over an hour.[…]

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WODs for the week 5-20-19 to 5-25-19

We have so many records to put on our board! You all did such a good job doing those named workouts. For some of you, this was the first time you did some of these Rx. That’s an achievement! You should be proud. On Monday May 27, 2019 the gym[…]

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WODs for the week 5-13-19 to 5-18-19

Now that all of us are done with the Age Group Online Qualifiers, we can take a break and work on things like gym records, gymnastics, flexibility and Girl WODs. I was assured at the Gymnastics cert that working on gymnastics will make everything else we do easier. At the[…]

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It’s Over! 99th

The Open has been over for a while. I ended up in 197th place worldwide, so I qualified to do the Age Group Online Qualifier. There were 5 wods released on Thursday May 2nd at 7pm. All 5 scores had to be submitted by Monday May 6th before 7pm. Then[…]

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WODs for the week 5-6-19 to 5-11-19

I am almost finished with the Age Group Qualifiers. I have two left to do tomorrow. These are not lame little workouts! And because I am having so much fun with them I couldn’t help but want to share them with you. For any of you that saw me almost[…]

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