Nearly Perfect Crossfit


WODs for the week 7-1-19 to 7-6-19

We had a great party on Saturday! For those of you that missed it, we talked about having another party at the end of the summer. So there will be another chance to make it. We did a little WOD, we did flips and dives, we relaxed and played games[…]

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WODs for the week 6-24-19 to 6-29-19

Before I get into talking about the WODs for this week I want to make sure that everyone knows that you are invited to a BBQ/Swim Party on Saturday June 29th starting at 2:00 until you are tired and want to go home. Josh suggested that we have a BBQ[…]

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WODs for the week 6-17-19 to 6-22-19

No birthdays this week!? How can that be? I happen to know Julianna’s birthday is on Monday. We will celebrate that one later. Don’t forget, or hesitate, to pick out things you like for a birthday wod. We all want to celebrate the differences between us. This is one way[…]

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WODs for the week 6-10-19 to 6-15-19

We have two more birthdays to celebrate this week. I hope we don’t have to cut them down to finish them, but that is always an option. If you hadn’t noticed, when I let people pick out their workout with movements they like, they like some terrible things! We also[…]

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WODs for the week 6-3-19 to 6-8-19

We have a couple of birthdays this week and we have a couple to come next week. What fun we are going to have! We had some fun on Saturday at the Snap Games. Our teams did very well. One of our girls teams got 1st place. The guys got[…]

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