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Showers of Blessings

The shower for Leslie and Boyd Sievers’ baby, Amelia, and Jenny and Todd Shelton’s baby, not yet here, was a success! You gave them such nice gifts! Thanks to all who could make it in to wish both babies well and have a little fun while you were at it. Thanks to Barbie who made all the fancy and fun things! Amelia was there for entertainment for several of us, but she slept peacefully through it all despite being passed all around. We hope, Jenny and Leslie, you feel loved and blessed. That’s what we want to be to you!


Leslie and her blessings.


Jenny and Todd with their “cake”.


And baby Amelia, who wasn’t concerned with any of it. Pat was the one holding her when I took the picture, but certainly not the only one to get her hands on the baby!

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