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Archive for August 2014

Wods for the week 9/1/14 to 9/6/14

The gym will be open on Labor Day, but morning classes only. Come at 6:00, 7:00 or 8:00 for a team wod. I’m not promising to workout with each class, so bring someone to share your load! It will be fun! I have scheduled a “Ribbon Cutting” with Jackson Chamber of Commerce, to introduce our…

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Wods for the week 8/25/14 to 8/30/14

Someone told me they liked seeing the date in this format better. I listen and try to please! If there are special things you want to see on the WOD board, I’m happy to accommodate there too. Tell me, or better yet, write it down and leave me a note. I’m much more likely to…

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Wods for the week 8-18-14 to 8-23-14

  Look at our new name on our new signs!!! Remember, anyone you bring into the gym, that stays longer than the month of On Ramp, gives you a discount of your next training fees. Encourage everyone you know to come check out our, always scalable, program of functional fitness. I want to take this…

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Wods for the week 8-11-14 to 8-16-14

We will still collect money and gifts for another week to give to Amy Eggen’s baby girl. Thank you to those who have already brought things for Amy. I will deliver what we collect next weekend. So you have one more week to shop or bring money.       It is so hard to…

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Wods for the week 8-4-14 to 8-9-14

Please bring gifts in to the gym this week for Amy’s Baby Girl. You may also leave money in an envelope that we can buy a gift card from all of us. I want to support Amy, because she is one of our family, even though she hasn’t been able to work out lately. She…

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