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Archive for June 2015

Wods for the week 6-29-15 to 7-4-15

I am assuming more people want to come to the gym than are signed up right now. Please sign up if you want to show up. It really makes structuring the class easier, especially if you know ahead of time that you will have to juggle equipment. I had a few suggestions of “fun” things…

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Wods for the week 6-22-15 to 6-27-15

We have some fun wods this week. Chris made up one for his birthday on Wednesday. Nathan made up some fun for us on Friday. Laura chose some movements for a wod on Monday. Does anyone else want to make suggestions that you think are fun? Be careful, people might not appreciate your “fun” stuff!…

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Wods for the week 6-15-15 to 6-20-15

Hey Hey! The internet connection can be a wonderful thing! I had no service for anything all week. I hope everything went smoothly. I’m sorry that I couldn’t put the wods on the website last week, but it looks like you managed. Thank you to all the trainers who filled in for me!!!! MONDAY 6-15-15…

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