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Archive for October 2015

WODs for the week 10-26-15 to 10-31-15

Happy Halloween everyone! Old Orchard Crossfit is having a Halloween event on Friday at 8pm. Dress up in costume and do a fun workout together as a community and hang out for a party afterwards. More information is available on their website and Facebook. If you do not feel like working out in a costume…

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WODs for the week 10-19-15 to 10-24-15

Festivus Games have come and gone! Part of me is sad, and part of me is so tired I can’t think straight. I wonder how all of the competitors feel. You have to feel proud of all the work you did! I’m super proud of all of you! After a week or so we can…

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Wods for the week 10-12-15 to 10-16-15

There are lots of new records on the board this week! Congrats to those who got their names up there! If you didn’t, and want to challenge any of those times, feel free to do that at any time! Let’s keep our board current and interesting! MONDAY 10-12-15 Strength WOD: (not optional) 3 x 30…

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Last On Ramp Graduates

I have waited until now to post these last grads because I just moved all of my phone pictures to my computer and now I can work with them again. There was technical difficulty with the user. Nathan fixed it (me). Please welcome Andy Stover and Suzie Kidwell. We’re glad to include you both into…

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Wods for the week 10=5=15 to 10=10=15

The competition at Old Orchard CrossFit is now over. Those of us from Nearly Perfect CrossFit did not win any medals, (well, Chris won the bicep curl max weight at 135#) but we held our own and had a good time. We learned just a little bit more about competitions and it was a valuable…

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