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Archive for February 2016

Wods for the week 2-29-16 to 3-5-16

I am so proud of all of you that signed up for the 2016 Open Competition! We have 13 competitors out of 40 members, which is over 30%! Nice showing for our gym. I hope all of you do well this year! If any of us makes it to Regionals or to California, I say…

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Missing WOD

If anyone is sad about missing today’s WOD because of the weather this morning, there is still an opportunity to get it done. I will be at the gym at 4pm and Brian will be there at 6pm. Come if you are able.

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WODs for the week 2-22-16 to 2-27-16 (2)

Now that you’ve signed up for the Open, I will continue posting the wods. Friday will be left blank for the “to be announced” first Open Wod 16.1! You will have the opportunity to do the wod Friday, Saturday and Monday if you choose. The scores given to you by your judge need to be…

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WODs for the week 2-15-16 to 2-20-16

Hello folks! We’ve been watering our Atlas stones for a week now and the big brothers are being made today! They should be ready for play by the beginning of March. New toys and new faces make for a good time at the gym. Our 5th year anniversary of being in business is coming up…

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On Ramp Grads

The first On Ramp Grads of 2016 are welcomed to our family! Charlene Miller                    Michael Miller

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WODs for the week 2-8-16 to 2-13-16

Hello everybody! There’s still time to sign up for this year’s open. Challenge yourself! No matter where you come out in the open, this is something we all do together, all over the world. This link can take you right to the website. MONDAY 2-8-16 Strength WOD: Shoulder Press 5, 5, 5 then 2…

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