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Archive for April 2016

WODs for the week 4-25-16 to 4-30-16

No tricks this week. We all learned our lessons with not posting wods, cherry picking wods we like and being prepared to do the best we can do. I am going to keep up the running wods more often now that the weather is perfect for running! Be prepared to get better at things you…

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WODs for the week 4-18-16 to 4-23-16 (really)

Well the experiment worked and backfired at the same time! More people worked out than would have. (Several people said they would not have come if they had known what we were doing.) People learned that scales are acceptable. This is good for those that cherry pick WODs in order to miss the things they…

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WODs for the week 4-18-16 to 4-23-16

I’m going to try an experiment on you, my guinea pigs! Isn’t that how it always is for the 5am class? I have heard lots of talk, rumors or real threats, I’m not sure which they are, about not coming if XYZ is the posted workout! Well, I’m listening to those comments and I promise…

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WODs for the week 4-11-16 to 4-16-16

We are celebrating birthdays this week in the gym! There is one actual birth to announce. Julianna had her baby Thursday afternoon! We will come up with a wod for him later. This week we are celebrating with a wod for Amber and for Leslie Sievers. Don’t forget, if your birthday is coming up and…

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WODs for the week 4-4-16 to 4-9-16

Guess what happened when we got to South Carolina. We visited a CrossFit gym! I know you’re not surprised. You will get to taste a little of what we learned too, in a new warm-up and a wod! Fun, fun, fun! MONDAY 4-4-16 “JT” 21-15-9 for time: Hand Stand Push-ups Ring Dips Push-ups TUESDAY 4-5-16…

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