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Archive for January 2017

WODs for the week 1-30-17 to 2-4-17

I hope everyone is signing up for the Open soon! You have a few days left, yet. We will be doing the wods that are for competition anyway, you might as well see where you stand in the world, region and state! It’s always fun!!! Another thing to sign up for is our anniversary dinner.…

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WODs for the week 1-23-17 to 1-28-17

I hope people are signing up for the Open! You have plenty of time, but we are going to practice as many of the movements I think might be included while we wait for Feb 23. Also think about who wants to be one of the 2 athletes that does the wod on the Saturday…

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WODs for the week 1-16-17 to 1-21-17

Registration for the Open is now live! This is where you go to sign up. The cost is $20 to enter and see where you rank with all your peers in the world. If you don’t think you are the competitive type, enter and see where you rank this year. Then do it again next…

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WODs for the week 1-9-17 to 1-14-17

SAVE THE DATE, Saturday February 18 at 6pm. This will be our anniversary dinner at Wings Etc. in Jackson. We skipped our dinner last year because we bought a rig. That was about all the celebrating I could do that year. We just skipped our Christmas party because we couldn’t seem to find an agreeable…

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WODs for the week 1-2-17 to 1-7-17

I can’t believe it is already 2017! I hope you had a Happy New Year celebration. I certainly did. I got to babysit for Devon, my granddaughter, all night! What fun! Oh the memories! For those of us that have put on a few pounds over the holidays, I want to urge you NOT to…

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