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Archive for February 2017

WODs for the week 2-27-17 to 3-4-17

The main thought on many people’s mind is, “where am I on the leaderboard?” Then, “I wonder what 17.2 will be?” If you have not signed up for the Open Competition yet, you still have time! Go to to register. Then submit your score for 17.1 before 7pm, our time. If you haven’t done…

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WODs for the week 2-20-17 to 2-25-17

It’s party time tonight at 6pm! Come to Wings Etc. in Jackson to celebrate our gym, our fitness and our friendship! You may notice that there are only 4 wods posted for this week. That is because the Open Competition begins on Thursday Feb. 23. The announcement of the WOD will be broadcast at 5pm,…

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WODs for the week 2-13-17 to 2-18-17

I’m ba-aack! I want to thank everyone who filled in for me, training classes, while I was gone. Some of you, I saw, need to learn to write smaller on the board to make room for the 6pm athletes. Other than that I heard of no problems. It’s so nice to know I can be gone…

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New On Ramp Grads

Welcome to the CrossFit family! We aren’t getting fancy with the middle initial for Jennifer, she has a twin name in the gym. Like the Leslies and the Lauras. To tell them apart we will use middle initials since their last names begin with the same letter, again, like the Lauras! For those of you…

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WODs for the week 2-6-17 to 2-11-17

Don’t get used to this early post. I want it done early this week so I can relax! While I’m relaxing, you sign up for the Open and sign up for our Anniversary dinner. The dinner is Feb 18 at 6pm at Wings Etc. in Jackson. Five days later the first WOD of the Open…

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