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Archive for May 2017

WODs for the week 5-29-17 to 6-3-17

Remember the gym will be closed on Monday 5-29-17 for the Memorial Day holiday. Since “Murph” is traditionally done on this day, to remember our Heroes, we will remember on Tuesday! As always, there are lots of scaling option for those of you that aren’t up to doing the entire wod! We are also celebrating…

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More On Ramp Grads

Sierra Welker These ladies all seem to be early morning crossfitters. Welcome to our family! Even the evening people welcome you, whether your paths cross or not!

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WODs for the week 5-22-17 to 5-27-17

I tried to post this last night but my internet wouldn’t cooperate! I want to be sure everyone knows that the gym will be closed on Memorial Day. We will do “Murph” as soon after that day as the weather permits, maybe Tuesday. Or you can come in on the Saturday before and get it…

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WODs for the week 5-15-17 to 5-20-17

I think it might be turning to Summer. We had a little Spring in April, but now it’s getting warm quickly. Dress appropriately for no A/C and outside running. We will add running often while it isn’t raining or 100+ degrees! You can also do more of it in your warm-ups to prepare for upcoming…

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WODs for the week 5-8-17 to 5-13-17

I planned too many activities this weekend to get my wods posted early. Sorry about that. And, who’s great idea was it to have a “Girls” week with a Hero wod thrown in? Boy am I sore! And I’m in good company because several of you have complained too. However, several got new PR’s and…

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