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Archive for June 2017

WODs for the week 6-26-17 to 7-1-17

We have a new opportunity! Thanks to Laura Moll for finding a competition that we can all participate in. This is a scaled 3 person team competition, 3 guys or 3 girls. Sometimes you have a scaled competition that people who shouldn’t be in that category participate in, crowding out the real scaled athletes. This…

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WODs for the week 6-19-17 to 6-24-17

I’ve learned another new thing! In an interview with Ben Bergeron, big name in CrossFit, I learned that we don’t practice enough on movements. Practice is very focused work on technique with light loads and low heart rates, working towards perfection. According to Ben we should be spending 45% of our time in the gym…

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WODs for the week 6-12-17 to 6-17-17

We (Laura, Laura, Laura and Nathan) started on a project of cleaning our barbells. Now that we have the right tool, the job should go a little faster, but I imagine that it may still take a few weeks to get to them all. You will hopefully notice how smoothly they rotate after being cleaned.…

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Running inspiration

Do you need an incentive to run faster? Run with Kari and you can have this guy chase you too. Kari said she ran lots faster when she was getting chased!

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WODs for the week 6-5-17 to 6-10-17

Thanks for all of the suggestions for WODs for this next week! So many suggestions, SO MANY BIRTHDAYS! Birthday WODs are never required. They are just simple ways to celebrate one another and enjoy what makes each one of us unique. What do you mean you like_______? We like you, but we don’t want to…

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