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Archive for July 2017

WODs for the week 7-31-17 to 8-7-17

Normal schedule this week on Monday and Tuesday only! On Wednesday Laura Moll will be there at 5am. Chris Crook and Valerie Winingar are probably not going to be there on Wednesday but David has agreed to come at 8am and 4pm if people are interested and text him to let him know you would…

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WODs for the week 7-24-17 to 7-29-17

Don’t forget about the events that are planned in the next few weeks. The first one on my mind is The Games, in Madison, Wisconsin! The gym will be closed much of the days and times I am gone. However, Chris Crook and Val have said that they would come in as they are able…

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WODs for the week 7-17-17 to 7-22-17

This week I happened to watch a Strongman competition on TV. These guys were amazing! Everytime they did a new event like lifting Atlas Stones, I thought, “we have those.” Ours are just smaller. Deadlifts, we do that, just not 991 pounds. Sandbag carry, we have those. Pulling a plane, well we have a sled.…

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New On Ramp Graduates

These are the last four people to complete their On Ramp introduction. Let’s hope they like us enough to stay working out with us for even more good results. Welcome all!    

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WODs for the week 7-10-17 to 7-15-17

I was talking to some people the other day and a pool party suggestion came up. Instead of saying, “yeah, we should do that sometime.” We planned a date! I am inviting everyone to come to my house on Saturday August 12 at 10am until whenever. Bring your family, towels, sunscreen and a dish to…

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WODs for the week 7-3-17 to 7-8-17

Several people have asked about classes this week. I have answered individually, but need to make sure eveyone knows. Monday will be classes all day on our normal schedule. Tuesday the gym will be closed all day. If you feel you must get some kind of workout in, run the 5K in Jackson that morning.…

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