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Archive for October 2017

WODs for the week 10-30-17 to 11-4-17

While I was gone someone noticed that a lot of the records on the board are over a year old. How did that happen? I made a list of all of those workouts and other records that need to be updated. Guess what we are going to be working on for a while? Don’t worry,…

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WODs for the week 10-23-17 to 10-28-17

I’m Back! Some of you might be thinking that’s good, or that’s bad. Either way, here I am. Because I am back, the normal sign-up schedule will be available again. Sign up for the times that work for you. Those of you that worked to readjust your workout times to accommodate our vacation schedule, thanks.…

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WODs for the week 10-16-17 to 10-21-17

I hope you all have the numbers you need for the trainers that will be at classes this week. Work hard, but scale wherever you need, to be smart about working out. Have fun with these wods. One more birthday to celebrate. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out like the last birthday wod. Though, this one…

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WODs for the week 10-9-17 to 10-14-17

This week is classes as usual and no more partner wods, for a while anyway. One thing those partner wods were good for was subconsciously pushing you to keep moving. For fear of disappointing your partner or making them have to wait for you, each of the partners pushed a little harder than they might…

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