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Archive for March 2018

WODs for the week 3-26-18 to 3-31-18

ONE MORE DAY to finish the Open 18.5! You are almost done. This has been a good test of our current fitness. The progress people have made is amazing. People have gone from last year being all scaled to this year being all Rx. Some have gotten new PRs. Some have attained new skills. Just…

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WODs for the week 3-19-18 to 3-24-18

After we finish up 18.4 on Monday, we will only have one more Open workout to do. For some of us, it will be wonderful to be done. For others, it might be sad to realise we didn’t finish where we wanted. There is always a time of wondering if we could have done better.…

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WODs for the week 3-12-18 to 3-17-18

We made it back home last night. We actually got home at 2:15am which became the new 3:15am. That was a cruel awakening. And did you all arrange this welcome home weather? We liked what we had last week and were trying to bring it home to you! I don’t really like March snow, in…

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WODs for the week 3-5-18 to 3-10-18

Hello everyone! Remember this week Laura and David are out of town. Please contact me (Laura Jr.) or the substitute coach for your class next week. Contact numbers are available on the WOD board. Everyone’s 18.2 scores have been validated make sure to update your score if you are re-trying it Monday. Can’t wait to…

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