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Archive for June 2018

WODs for the week 6-25-18 to 6-30-18

It is full summer weather now. Which means it is going to be really hot this week. High temps this week are supposed to be between 90 and 99. I haven’t programed anything outside in the sun, but it will still be hot inside, even with all the fans. This means come already hydrated. Slow…

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WODs for the week 6-18-18 to 6-23-18

Let’s take a minute to talk about protecting things, first yourselves! If you are tired, sore and need a rest day, take one. You can always come into the gym on that day and spend an hour doing mobility work with foam rollers, balls and bands. The second way to protect yourself is to check…

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WODs for the week 6-11-18 to 6-16-18

Summer is apparently in full swing already. I will try to plan running wods when it is not the hottest day of the week and not raining. If we are lucky enough to have both of those happen on the same day, it should be wonderful. Be careful to stay hydrated when it is so…

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WODs for the week 6-4-18 to 6-9-18

No Pull-ups this week! No Push-ups either! Murph seemed to take a big toll on some of us and we need a little bit of time to recover. Enjoy the rest for your hands and shoulders, but your legs are not in on this rest period. We are just taking turns with body parts. When…

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CrossFit Kids

For those of you with kids ages 3-12/13, CrossFit Kids classes begin Monday June 4th. People have been slow in responding for the younger kids so their class will not begin this week, unless you let Laura A Meece know right away. She will be the trainer for all the kids classes, not me. We…

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