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Archive for November 2019

WODs for the week 11-25-19 to 11-30-19

The gym will be closed on Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday. If you want to sneak in on Friday sometime, let me know. Some of my family might want to join you. There won’t be a scheduled WOD for that day, but you can come in and play with something. Anyone who signed…

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WODS for the week 11-18-19 to 11-23-19

The Open is completely in the books now. Wherever your standing is now, is it. For those of you that have done the Open before, see if you improved from last year. For those that participated for the first time, you will be able to see how many thousand places you move up in the…

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WODs for the week 11-11-19 to 11-16-19

We have one more day of the Open for 2020. I am so glad to be finished! I really do look forward to the Open every year. The competition and camaraderie and mutual suffering is always a bonding experience. But I always look forward to it being over almost as much. For those of you…

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WODs for the week 11-4-19 to 11-9-19

I figured out what I want for my birthday wod. Just remember, you can and should scale the movements that are bad for your health! I like these, but I might be alone in my enjoyment. When it’s your birthday, choose what you like. That’s what makes birthday wods so much fun, they are all…

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