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Archive for January 2020

WODs for the week 1-27-20 to 2-1-20

You are all familiar with some of the creative WODs Nathan has come up with over the years. Well, now it seems he is getting more help. Saturday is becoming the day to come in and “see if we can do this”. Then I say, looks fun! If you have something you would like to…

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WODs for the week 1-20-20 to 1-25-20

It is supposed to be very cold this week, so I chose not to make you run outside. But will your cardio suffer if we don’t run? NO! We have bikes. We have rowers. We have jump ropes. And for a little extra fun we have added in Burpees. You’ll be well challenged, don’t worry.…

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WODs for the week 1-13-20 to 1-18-20

This week we are doing the Rogue Individual Online Qualifier workouts. There are no scaled divisions for weights or movement standards, so use your judgement and scale like you should. For example, the Bar Muscle-ups might be jumping. The weights might be lighter. If you would like to register officially for this Qualifier, you have…

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Runner Update

Anjoli said her half marathon is completed. One more race to go to get her Dopey medal. She already has her picture with him. Way to go Anjoli! We are all rooting for you!

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Our committed runner!

Anjoli has finished 2 of her 4 races. She has 2 of her medals so far and working on getting pictures with the characters on each medal. Good luck! On getting the pictures and the half marathon tomorrow AND the full marathon on Sunday!

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WODs for the week 1-6-20 to 1-11-20

Our first full week in the new year can be the perfect time to make new commitments. Or it can be a time to set yourselves up for failure. Don’t start with an all or nothing mentality. You didn’t start bad habits all at once, you slipped into them gradually. Do the same with good…

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