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Archive for September 2020

WODs for the week 9-28-20 to 10-3-20

We are apparently in the second wave of Covid, as cases are going up again in our area and elsewhere. During the first wave we closed the gym. We won’t be closing at this time, but we need to step up again on our protective behaviors. You need to wear a mask to enter the…

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WODs for the week 9-21-20 to 9-26-20

We had some birthday wods last week and we have another one this week. It’s so fun to celebrate what the birthday person enjoys along with them, don’t you think? This week, the celebration is for Barbie. She picked a chipper with all things she liked, except for one. Can you guess which one that…

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WODs for the week 9-14-20 to 9-19-20

This is running weather and we are going to take our opportunities to be outside whenever we can. We don’t always have to be running when we are outside. Just so you know there are some workouts ready to go that are outside doing other things. We want wods to be challenging and fun and…

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WODs for the week 9-7-20 to 9-12-20

Emiley and Chris have decided they can open the gym on Monday for anyone who would like to come on Labor Day to workout. As far as I am concerned the gym is technically closed. I will be back in the gym on Tuesday! Please let Emiley know if you want to join them at…

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