No April Fools jokes here, but I have a few planned for my family, shhh. I want to post an on-line competition through CrossFit, that you can sign up for today at no cost to you. The link is at the bottom of the post.

The idea is that you can designate money to help your gym or another gym that might be in danger of closing because of this Covid-19 crisis. We are not in danger of closing at this time. I do not need any extra funds yet.

But what I do need is for all of you as clients to pay your April training fees! You can mail your checks to me at home, (171 Village Dr. Jackson.) Or you can send me your money via the cash app. My username is $LauraMeece.
There are some of you that have taken some time away and I have held your training fees for a period of time. In April, I hope everyone will be free enough to workout at home with all the rest of us. I need those people to begin again to pay the regular training fees. Please contact me if this is a problem for you because of your new circumstances. Text or message me directly. Please don’t just disappear without a word! We are family and we care! I’m trying very hard to make these at-home workouts engaging and worth the training fees you are paying.
Here is the link, let’s have fun with this!

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