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Photo Ops at 5am

I want to show everyone what the 5 am class really does that early. Lance supports the cure for cancer. And Barbie prays for snow. The rest of us didn’t pray for no snow. God certainly answered Barbie’s prayer, just for her car.

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It’s Over! 99th

The Open has been over for a while. I ended up in 197th place worldwide, so I qualified to do the Age Group Online Qualifier. There were 5 wods released on Thursday May 2nd at 7pm. All 5 scores had to be submitted by Monday May 6th before 7pm. Then there was waiting time because…

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We Have Shirts and Sweatshirts!

We have T-shirts, long sleeve hooded shirts and hoodies printed with our newest logo! We can try these on and order what you want, knowing what you will get. I was told that if we order next week they might be ready to be picked up before Christmas. They might also not be ready until…

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One More On Ramp Grad

Congratulations Charlie. Welcome to the family. Your new friends will take good care of you during your first week. Don’t hesitate to ask anyone questions. If they don’t know the answer, they will make something up that sounds good! Right guys?

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Second Session of CFKids

The first day of this second session of CrossFit Kids starts today at 4pm. There will not be any classes on Wednesday the 4th. Then kids classes will continue every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until the last day on July 30th. Let me know, so I can pass the information on to Laura A. Meece,…

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CrossFit Kids Classes!

Nearly Perfect CrossFit will be offering CrossFit Kids classes this summer in two sessions, one in June and one in July. There will be two options for kids. Age 3-6, we are thinking that 8:00 am Monday and Thursday will be the scheduled times. For kids age 7-12, the schedule should be 4:00 pm Monday,…

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