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Workout of the Day

WODs for the week 8-24-20 to 8-29-20

This is how it’s going to be, WODs for the week. The scheduling is more hassle than it’s worth. Hopefully, you like having all of the wods posted in one place where you can find them all week. MONDAY 8-24-20 For time: 30-20-10 Front Squats Double Push-up Burpees* * Just what it sounds like. You…

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WOD for 7-31-20

FRIDAY 7-31-20 3 Rounds for time: 1K Row OR 2K Bike OR 4:00 DU 21 Toes-2-Bar 12 Deadlift Anyone want some “gym spaghetti”? The “sauce” is alcohol.

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WOD for 7-28-20

Tuesday 7-28-20 Strength WOD: Back Squat then: AMRAP in 10:00 5 Handstand Push-ups OR 2 Wall Walks 10 Med Ball Cleans (20,14)

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WOD for 7-27-20

This is Chris Watson’s birthday wod. He gave me some suggestions and then I went with it. Happy Birthday Chris! I hope this turns out to be a fun one for all of us to enjoy with you. MONDAY 7-27-20 Chris’s Birthday Chipper (7-27-88) 5 Monkey Swings over the “river” 200′ Sled Push 10 Box…

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WOD for 8-24-20

We are back and hope you all had a good week too. Thank you to everyone who made the gym run smoothly while we were away. MONDAY 8-24-20 For time: 30-20-10 Front Squats Double Push-up Burpees

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WOD for 7-23-20

THURSDAY 7-23-20 Strength WOD: Deadlift then: EMOM for 10:00 2 Complexes of: 3 Deadlifts 2 Hang Power Cleans 1 Push Jerk (unbroken)

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