It is with a very heavy heart that I feel I need to tell you that the gym will be closing for a time. I hope it will only be for 2 weeks, but I will let you know before April 6th. I listened to a podcast today that recommended trainers ask doctors and nurses who are working on the front lines to refrain from coming into the gym. And they recommended that restriction be applied to their spouses as well. That means me!

Nathan, Laura and I are working together to post at-home WODs for all of us along with demonstrations of movements daily for you. This will be similar to how we begin every class. We show you what the standard is and suggest scales for everyone who needs them. We may even have some live workouts on-line. We will be using our Facebook page for these posts. Please let me know if you aren’t on Facebook and I will text or e-mail you, whichever is better for you.

I would like everyone to come by tomorrow or even Saturday during regularly scheduled classes and sign out some equipment that you will use to participate in these at-home wods. This is not a vacation! We are going to be working to give you the best training possible without putting you at risk. You will still be working out and will post your results on-line. You will compare what you did with your fellow CrossFitters and complain about the wods, just like always.

That being said, I need everyone to continue to pay their training fees, just like always. You can use the cash app to send your fees to me. My user name there is $LauraMeece. We can get through this and not lose our minds or our fitness!

Good health to you all, Laura Meece

If you need to talk to me, don’t hesitate to call and chat, or text me. I’m still here for you.

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