Our first class back in the gym will be Monday June 1st. We will have our normal class times available, but class sizes will be limited to 6 people. Sign up early if you know you want a specific class time. If you are the 7th person to sign up you will be turned away. There will be no drop ins. I will have equipment laid out for each person that signed up in time to make up a class.

When you come back on Monday, bring your borrowed equipment with you. You will check it in, wipe it off with sanitizer and put it away before class begins. Coming in a few minutes early might be a good idea. I am also asking everyone to use hand sanitizer as they enter the gym and I will wear a mask to protect you. You will not have to work out wearing a mask. I think that would be a bad idea. We will keep the fans on, but no one will be directly in front of a fan. It will be in everyone’s general direction.

When class starts there will be a more specific schedule than we have had in the past. We will do warm ups and movement preparations together before the wod starts. Hopefully this will help us make the most of our time and keep us being productive.

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