At Nearly Perfect Crossfit, we like to keep our rates fair & reasonable, so we offer several discounts and payment arrangements!

CrossFit Rates

Adults: $150/month
Couples: $250/month
Families: $300/month
Students, Teachers, Military, Firefighters, Police: $125/month
Masters, 55 & over: $100/month
Cancer survivors: $75/month

Discounts for paying in advance (for adult & student/service member rates only):

3 months- $10 off each month
6 months- $15 off each month
9 months- $20 off each month
12 months- $25 off each month


We are now offering classes two days a week for yoga/mobility. The classes are Tuesday at 5:00pm and Saturday at 9:00am.
For current CrossFit clients, the price will be $120 for three months. For non-clients the price will be $180 for three months. This averages out to be $5/class for clients and $7.50/class for non-clients.

Nutrition Advice and Accountability

We also offer a Nutrition Advice and Accountability program, which includes a 1-hour one on one interview with me each month with daily texts, and weekly reviews.
The price for this program for CrossFit clients will be $150 for a three month block. After goal results are achieved, clients may choose limited access on a monthly basis for $30/month, which includes a half hour monthly interview and weekly reviews. For non-clients the prices will be $200 for a 3 month block, then monthly limited access for $45/month.