Laura Meece


"I come from a background of being active but never exercising. I didn’t want to do anything that might make me sweat. Upon the insistence of my oldest son, Phillip, I began to do CrossFit in January of 2010. By the end of that year my entire family was involved in CrossFit. In March of 2011, I got my Level 1 Certificate along with my daughter, Lydia. We trained new clients together, in my new gym, using an On Ramp curriculum.

In December 2014 I got my Level 2 Certificate with my son, Nathan. Then in January 2016 I got my CrissFit Kids Certificate with my daughter, Lydia and daughter-in-law, Laura. (Also Laura Meece, Nathan’s wife, not confusing at all.) Then we added a CrossFit Kids program during the summer. We continue to be a family centered gym.

In January 2017 I started studying for my Level 3 exam and in September 2017 I earned my CrossFit Certified Coach (Level 3) certification. This has been a big boost for all of the clients as I learned and corrected faults we didn’t know we had. So many people’s lives have been changed by getting stronger, fitter, more capable, and healthier. That’s why I do this and continue to love seeing progress in everyone’s health.

Besides training people and working out in the gym, even sweating, I enjoy being a member of a quilting group, reading, singing and teaching Sunday School, along with various mission responsibilities at my church."

Nathan Meece got his Level 1 certificate as a CrossFit Coach and has been training clients since 2012. He prefers lifting heavy things over moving long distances quickly but recently he has lost 40 lbs by tightening up his diet. He reports that pull-ups are now much easier! Having been recently a much heavier athlete Nathan has a unique perspective on fitness. In December 2014 he got his CrossFit Level 2 certificate, and keeps it up-to-date.

Nathan works at the SEMO Baptist Student Center by day and coaches on the weekends. Nathan has a degree in Psychology which gives him a passion for patience and understanding his clients that is hard to rival. You’ll appreciate his careful approach during your training sessions with him and leave the session both sweaty and feeling cared for. Nathan is truly a caring, respectful professional.


Nathan Meece



Laura A. Meece


My name is Laura A Meece. I started CrossFit in September 2011 shortly after marrying Nathan Meece. At this time I was still working on my degree in Exceptional Child Education. In May 2015 I graduated with my degree and began looking for career opportunities. In September, I found out I was expecting my first child, Devon, and stopped looking for teaching opportunities at that time.

In December 2015 I took my CrossFit Level 1 certificate test and class. And immediately signed up for the CrossFit Kids certificate class in January 2016. I have been teaching summer sessions of the CrossFit Kids since 2016 and teaching the 5 pm classes since 2017. I also fill in for other classes as needed. I continued to CrossFit throughout my pregnancy with our second child Logan. I got my CrossFit level 2 certificate in September 2019.

My favorite thing about Nearly Perfect CrossFit is that is a family friendly gym. Devon has been coming with with me to coach and work out since she was less than a month old! I also love that we create a gym family with the people we work out with. We encourage each other and help each other through hard times, whether it is in the WOD or in “real life”!