Friday 4-24-20
United in Movement WOD #7

Compete Scale
AMRAP in 10:00
Alternating Single arm Devil Press* (50,35)
30 Double Unders
* Devil Press with DB on the floor, place one hand on the DB and do a Burpee bringing the DB to overhead. You may snatch the DB to overhead or you may swing the DB as in an American Standard KB Swing. Change hands and start again with the Burpee and overhead. That would be your first 2 reps. For every round after, increase those reps by 2.

Move Hard Scale
Wall Walks*
30 Double Unders 
* Nose to the floor, nose to the wall and walk back down. Increase each round by 1 rep.

Just Move Scale 
Inchworm Push-ups*
30 Single Unders
* From standing tall, bend over to put hands on the floor in front of you. Walk out with straight legs to a plank position. Do a push-up (any kind) then walk back up again with straight legs. Stand. That’s one rep, increase each round by 1 rep.

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