Tuesday 4-28-20
2 minute rounds for 5 rounds:*
20 Box Step-ups with 2 DB (50,35)
Max reps DB Push Press (bend knees to push, head through)
2:00 Rest

* Set your WOD Timer for EMOM every 2 minutes for 18 minutes. Then the
first 2:00 you will work, counting as many Push Press as you manage to
do before the 2:00 is up after the Step-ups. The second interval will
be rest time. So every ODD interval will be work, every EVEN interval
will be REST. The number of Push Press done, total in all 5 rounds, is
your score. If you are having trouble getting any Push Press, cut down
the number of Box Step-ups. You should be able to get some every time.

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