Memorial Day Monday 5-25-20
The gym is usually closed on Memorial Day, but if you would like to do
“Murph” on this day do all you can! You will need to mark out your run
for 400 meters and do it twice for half, or four times to do a full
“Murph”. You will also need to modify the Pull-ups to Sheet Rows. It
will certainly be a different “Murph” this year!
“Murph” for time:*
Run 1 mile
100 Sheet Rows
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
Run 1 mile

* As always you may break up the Sheet Rows, Pull-ups and Squats into
any combination of movements as long as you complete the required
number of movements. If you want to do half “Murph” start and end with
half the Run, do half of the movements and finish with another half
Run. Use similar proportions if you want a quick little workout and
choose to do 1/4 “Murph”.

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