Friday 5-8-2020
EMOM for reps* x 4 rounds
1:00 3 Squats with 1 Jump-only count the jump
1:00 Cross Body Mountain Climbers
1:00 Squat Hold (subtract 5 reps for each time you stand up) or scale
to Wall Sit
1:00 Step Back Alternating Lunges
1:00 Stationary Bear Crawl opposite arm and leg move together

Watch the video to make sure you know what you’re doing on this wod.
This is like Fight Gone Bad, but 4 rounds and no rest period. Count
the reps done in each minute, move quickly to the next movement,
change movements every minute and repeat to do each movement 4 times.
Add all your reps up subtracting as needed for the Squat NOT holding.
Post one total number.

Join us for a live Facebook workout Friday at 5 PM!

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