This is birthday season. Kathy had a birthday that we missed. Her suggestion was to eat as many cupcakes (with buttercream frosting) as possible. When she comes in with cupcakes we can be all over that one! Dixie has a birthday this week and mine is next week. Ours will be fun, but without cupcakes. And then there is fun with “pumpkins” for Halloween.

We are progressing through the Open. I hope we don’t have another repeat, but we can’t be sure of anything. I hope we can cross Double Unders, Burpees, Thrusters and Handstands off the list of possibilities, but we can’t be sure of that either! Be ready for anything.

MONDAY 10-28-19
In 9:00
25 Pull-ups
25 Push-ups
25 Squats
Row for Meters

TUESDAY 10-29-19
Dixie's B-day WOD (10-28-51)
For time:
800 meter Run
then: 3 Rounds of:
15 Good Mornings (45,35)
15 Squats
15 MB Sit-ups (20,14)
15 Step-back Lunges
8 Burpees
400 meter Run

WEDNESDAY 10-30-19
Strength WOD: Shoulder Press
AMRAP in 15:00
250 meter Row
20 Pistols-alt
10 Squat Snatch (135,95)

THURSDAY 10-31-19
"Pumpkin WOD"
3 Rounds for time:
25 Wall Balls (20,14)
20 Russian Lunges (20,14)
15 MB Push-ups (20,14)
10 Slam Balls (25,20)
1 Shuttle Run (20,14) 1-2-3-2-1
*Keep a "Pumpkin" in your hands at all times!
i.e. Don't drop the Wall Ball or rest with the "Pumpkin" on the ground.

FRIDAY 11-1-19
Open WOD 20.4

SATURDAY 11-2-19
Open Gym from 8-10 am

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