The gym will be closed on Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday. If you want to sneak in on Friday sometime, let me know. Some of my family might want to join you. There won’t be a scheduled WOD for that day, but you can come in and play with something. Anyone who signed up already for a regular class time on Friday will be cancelled. There will be no regular classes.

Speaking of signing up, many of you that signed up for last week put in all of your information and then hit the button either a little bit too long or in a shakey way that hits the button twice. Either way, MANY of you signed up twice for each class. That’s not usually a problem, but when there are 10 people signed up for one class, the class is full and no one else can sign up. If 6 people sign up and 4 of them clicked the button twice, it becomes a problem for others. When you hit the button once and it looks as if nothing happened, wait a bit and see if it went through before hitting it again.

MONDAY 11-25-19
Strength WOD: Power Clean
AMRAP in 15:00
5 DB Push Jerks (50,35)
7 Box Jumps (30,24)

TUESDAY 11-26-19
AMRAP in 30:00
50 Double Unders
10 Push Press (1/2 BW)
2 Rope Climbs

WEDNESDAY 11-27-19
For time:
Deadlift (275,185)
Inverted Burpees

THURSDAY 11-28-19
Thanksgiving Day
Gym Closed

FRIDAY 11-29-19
Gym Closed
Sneak in times may be available, call me.

SATURDAY 11-30-19
Open Gym from 8-10 am
Bring anyone in for free "Share the Pain"

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