Has everyone posted their last wod results to Everyday Warrior? Today at midnight is the deadline. Post your results and see how you did. This is a good preview for the CrossFit Open coming up in February. The Open is not as expensive because there is no charity to support, just results to check. Now is the time to be working on some of the movements we think we will see in the Open Competition! Just after the Open will be another Festivus Games. Anyone that can’t quite do all the Rx movements in the Open is welcome to sign up for Festivus. Let me know if that is something you are interested in doing this Spring.

MONDAY 11-30-15
"Matt 16"
For time:
16 Deadlift (275,185)
16 Hang Power Clean (185,125)
16 Push Press (135,95)
800 meter Run
repeat Lifts
repeat Run
repeat Lifts

TUESDAY 12-1-15
Strength WOD: Push Press
5 Rounds of:
30 KB Swings* in a minute (53,35)
Rest 1 minute
*last round AMRAP in 1 minute
penalty for not getting 30 in the minute: 1K Row, each round missed

5 Rounds each for time:
30 Wall Balls (20,14)
5 Squat Snatch*
Rest 2 minutes
*choose weight for each round, record time and weight for each round as score

THURSDAY 12-3-15
Strength WOD: Power Clean
AMRAP in 10 minutes:
20 Box Jumps (24,20)
10 Handstand Push-ups

FRIDAY 12-4-15
For time:
100 Thrusters (135,95)
*must do 5 Burpees at the Beginning of each minute

SATURDAY 12-5-15
Open Gym from 8-10 am

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