There have been a lot of special days in our gym lately! We are celebrating 3 birthdays this week and Veterans Day,  one birthday was the week before and then, on with the everyday Warrior WOD #2 this week. I’m scheduling these Everyday Warrior WODs on Monday each week. If you are signed up for the competition, but miss doing the WOD on Monday, you may go back and make it up anytime. Don’t forget to submit your score before Sunday at midnight! If you haven’t done that yet for Week #1, you have 26 hours left to get that done!

MONDAY 11-9-15
"Everyday Warrior" WOD #2

20 Min. AMRAP
Row for Calories (All Divisions: 21/14 Cal)(RX: Damper Setting= 10/8)
7 OHS (RX: 115/75)(Masters, Scaled, Teen: 75/55)
21 Double Unders (Masters, Scaled: 63 singles (3/1 ratio))


Rower must be reset between each round. RX and Teen divisions are required to perform double-unders, Masters and Scaled may substitute single-unders in a 3:1 ratio. Whether you choose singles or doubles, you must use that variation throughout the entire workout

TUESDAY 11-10-15
Kelsie's Birthday WOD (11-8-15) 8 Rounds for time: 
11 Push Press (95,65) 
15 Sit-ups 
26 Double Unders

WEDNESDAY 11-11-15
Veterans Day WOD
5 Rounds for time:
100' Bear Crawl (Army)
11 Calorie Row (Navy)
11 Ring Pull-ups (Air Force)
11 Pistols (Coast Guard)
11 Inverted Burpees (Marines)

THURSDAY 11-12-15
Leanna's Birthday WOD (11-5-15) 15-11-5 for time: 
Floor Wipers (75,55) 
DB Step-ups (24,20) (30,20) 
MB Push-ups (20,14) 
Calorie Row

FRIDAY 11-13-15
Vicky's Birthday WOD (11-4-15)
AMRAP in 20 minutes:
4 Push-ups
11 Sit-ups
15 Squats

SATURDAY 11-14-15
Open Gym from 8 to 10 am



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