For the next two weeks our schedule for classes will be different. There will not be changes in hours, but in classes offered. On Thursday, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve next week there will be morning classes only. There will be no evening classes on those days. On Friday, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day next week the gym will be closed all day. There will be no classes at all on those days. On Saturday, December 26 and January 2 there will be Open Gym at 8am and 9am as usual. There will be no Yoga class on December 26 only. Yoga will resume January 2 as usual. If your schedules are also different, feel free to chose any classes that might fit your schedules better.

MONDAY 12-21-20
AMRAP in 20:00
10 Dumbbell Thrusters
10 Pull-ups

TUESDAY 12-22-20
3 attempts for max weight:
Clean and Shoulder Press
Clean and Push Press
Clean and Push Jerk
Clean and Split Jerk
(record top weight in each lift)
If you want to record your max Clean for the board make it a full Squat Clean.

WEDNESDAY 12-23-20
"Annie visits Nancy"
For time:
10 Overhead Squats, 50 Double Unders
10 Overhead Squats, 40 Double Unders
10 Overhead Squats, 30 Double Unders
10 Overhead Squats, 20 Double Unders
10 Overhead Squats, 10 Double Unders

THURSDAY 12-24-20 Morning Classes Only
"Delivering Presents"
AMRAP in 24:00
100' Sled Pull
8 Burpee Box Overs
8 Sand Bag Cleans

FRIDAY 12-25-20
Merry Christmas
Gym Closed

SATURDAY 12-26-20
Open Gym at 8am and 9am
No Yoga Class

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