You have found the website and the wods for the week! Here they are for all who want to check them out before they get to the gym.
 MONDAY 3-11-13
7 Rounds for time:
3 Forward Rolls (may substitute Burpees)
5 Wall Climbs (may substitute kick-ups on the wall)
7 Toes to Bar
9 Box Jumps (30, 24)

TUESDAY 3-12-13
CrossFit Games Open 13.1
AMRAP in 17 minutes:
40 Burpees, 30 Snatch (75)*
30 Burpees, 30 Snatch (135)
20 Burpees, 30 Snatch (165)
10 Burpees, AMAP Snatch (210)
* I suggest a variation of starting at 35, 45 or 55 pounds and increasing by 10 or 20 pounds each round
The last round you keep doing snatch at the heaviest weight until time runs out. So you don’t want to start too light and get there too early.

Push Press
If you haven’t used up all your energy do “Death by Push Press” at a reasonably heavy weight.
Remember – 1 Push Press the first minute, 2 the second minute… until you can’t complete the number in the round.

THURSDAY 3-14-13

FRIDAY 3-15-13 (Beware the Ides of March)
AMRAP in 30 minutes:
Rope Climbs and Push-ups
Keep track of each movement separately for score.

SATURDAY 3-16-13
Open Gym with Dylan from 8-10am
Just sign up and drop in anytime. You don’t have to pick 8 or 9. If you come at 9:50 you may only have time for a Tabata, so plan when you drop in accordingly.