We made it back home last night. We actually got home at 2:15am which became the new 3:15am. That was a cruel awakening. And did you all arrange this welcome home weather? We liked what we had last week and were trying to bring it home to you! I don’t really like March snow, in case you were wondering. Thank you again everyone for giving us the chance to be away again so soon!

All the 18.3 scores that were posted are now validated. And there is still time to do it again if you think you can improve your score. Like, do Rx instead of scaled, or get that 1 muscle-up!

MONDAY 3-12-18
Strength WOD: Back Squat
2 Tabatas for max reps each:
Ring Rows
Jumping Back Squats (50,40)
TUESDAY 3-13-18
For time:
Russian Lunges (50,35)
KB Swings (53,35)
3 Rounds for time:
50 Sit-ups
25 Shoulder Press (75,55)
THURSDAY 3-15-18
"Almost Nancy"
5 Rounds for time:
400 meter Run
15 Thrusters (95,65)
FRIDAY 3-16-18
Open 18.4
SATURDAY 3-17-18
Open Gym from 8 to 10am


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