No matter what the weather, I will be at the gym tomorrow for any classes that someone is signed up. There are too many of you who have mentioned repeating 19.2 to be closed. If you don’t want to repeat that wod, good news for you, I have another wod planned too! The key to enjoying the Open is to not be stressed about any wod. Just go in and do what you can, post your score and have fun with it.

More things to have fun with are some outside the gym events. I have sponsored some of these community events, but I have not done a good job of promoting them for you to also participate in. The first one coming up on April 27 is a 5K race. This a race promoted by our own Melanie Baxter through her Zonta club. The link to register is: Then there is another event on May 13 which is a 4 person golf scramble promoted by our own Nathan Meece for the Baptist Student Center. I have been told that if you don’t really play golf but might be interested in giving it a try, this is a good opportunity to check out the game. That link is: CrossFit is all about being fit so we can participate in all the fun things we want to do out in the real world. What better way to put our fitness into action but to help others.

MONDAY 3-4-19
Strength WOD: Back Squat
3 Rounds for time:
2 Rope Climbs
25 Burpees
10 Overhead Squats (95,65)

TUESDAY 3-5-19 
Anjoli's B-day WOD 3-5-82
Partner WOD
3 Rounds for time:
37 KB Swings (53,35) while partner does Handstand Hold 
trade places and the other partner does 37 KB Swings
37 Med Ball Sit-ups each, passing ball to each other (20,14)
37 Box Jumps total, each partner alternating jumps (24,20)

Strength WOD: Deadlift
3 Rounds for time:
10 Deadlifts (50% work weight)
1 Shuttle Run (1-2-3-2-1)
10 Knees to Elbows

AMRAP in 20 minutes:
30 Double Unders
20 Slam Balls (25,20)
10 Renegade Push-ups (35,25)

FRIDAY 3-8-19
Open WOD "19.3"

Open Gym from 8 to 10am

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