We were going to run this week until I made one last check on the weather. Now it’s supposed to rain everyday! So we will row instead.

Thank you to all the people opening the doors for me this week and staying extra. I really appreciate all of you! And thank you to everyone who used the cash app to pay for your training fees instead of PayPal or Square. I really appreciate not having to pay them a fee. As always checks and cash are just fine. And if the cash app isn’t what you want, I still accept credit cards and PayPal.

MONDAY 3-9-20
Strength WOD: Shoulder Press
For time:
800 Meter Row
400’ Sled Push (135,95)
20 Toes-2-Bar

TUESDAY 3-10-20
For time:
21 Back Squats (BW)
7 Rope Climbs
15 Back Squats
5 Rope Climbs
9 Back Squats
3 Rope Climbs

AMRAP in 20:00
30 Sandbag Cleans (50,40)
20 GHD Sit-ups
100 Double Unders 

THURSDAY 3-12-20
Strength WOD: Front Squats
3 Rounds for time:
3:00 Handstand Hold
in as few sets as possible
5 Burpees/set* before starting next round
*If it takes you 4 times to complete the 3:00 inverted, you must complete 20 Burpees before going on to the next round. Time is complete when Burpees are finished after the last round.

FRIDAY 3-13-20
AMRAP IN 20:00
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats 

SATURDAY 3-14-20
Open Gym from 8-10 am

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