I’m going to try an experiment on you, my guinea pigs! Isn’t that how it always is for the 5am class? I have heard lots of talk, rumors or real threats, I’m not sure which they are, about not coming if XYZ is the posted workout! Well, I’m listening to those comments and I promise not to post those terrible things you want to avoid! Remember, EVERYTHING can be scaled or made into an alternate wod. There is nothing you HAVE to do. And nothing that can’t be adjusted so you can do something like xyz. That is what CrossFit is all about. It is infinitely scalable and variable and possible for EVERYONE!

Some people don’t like to know ahead what the wods are and others like to be prepared with the right equipment. So let me tell you  what to bring each day. Running Shoes, Jump Ropes, Box Jump and Rope Climbing Shin Guards, Knee Sleeves and Water Bottles are all good things to bring any day! Sign up, come and let’s all do our best each day!

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