This will be our third week back in the gym. We are now opening up classes to 8 people per class. I will try to still keep my distance, but I will probably not wear a mask anymore. It is so hard to hear me through the mask with the fans and radio on. If anyone is uncomfortable with that please let me know and I can put it back on.

We are still doing modified and light workouts for the rest of this month and maybe into the next month. People have worked as they saw fit and are still sore, so I think we worked hard appropriately. Stay the course and don’t do too much too soon.

MONDAY 6-15-20
"2/3 Michael"
4 Rounds for time:
400 meter Run
25 Supermans
25 Sit-ups

TUESDAY 6-16-20
Strength WOD: Bench Press
AMRAP in 15:00
15 Pull-ups/Ring Rows
30 Seconds L-sit on Rings/Box

Yoga at 5pm (text to sign up for that class)

2 Rounds for reps:
2:00 Double Unders
Tabata Pistols
2:00 Box Jumps

THURSDAY 6-18-20
Strength WOD: Power Cleans
Power Cleans (50% work weight)

FRIDAY 6-19-20
AMRAP in 20:00
20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
20 Push-ups
20 Thrusters
20 Sit-ups

SATURDAY 6-20-20
Open Gym at 8am and 9am
Yoga at 9am
(text to sign up for Yoga)

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