Don’t forget to sign up on our holiday schedule for tomorrow July 5th. We will not be open on our regular schedule. There will be classes at 8am, 9am, and 4pm only. It’s a fun group wod for that day. That’s always a more enjoyable way to workout! It will be a party game.

MONDAY 7-5-21
Party Games!
"Dynamic Equilibrium"
4 Rounds each for time:
1st Rd: 5 reps of each movement
2nd Rd: 10 reps of each movement
3rd Rd: 15 reps of each movement
4th Rd: 20 reps of each movement

TUESDAY 7-6-21
Strength WOD: Back Squat (3x5)
AMRAP in 12:00
1 Pull-up
1 Push-up
5 MB Cleans
2 Pull-ups
2 Push-ups
10 MB Cleans
3 Pull-ups
3 Push-ups
15 MB Cleans
*Keep adding 1 to the Pull-ups and Push-ups and 5 to the MB Cleans until time is up.

For time:
500 meter Row
30 Bench Press
1,000 meter Row
20 Bench Press
2,000 meter Row
10 Bench Press

AMRAP in 20:00 plus
Start with 40 Double Unders*
10 Chest-2-Bar Pull-ups
10 DB Thrusters
*Stop at every 2:00 to do 40 more Double Unders
after the 20:00 is up:
Run/Walk 2 Miles for time
(I am suggesting 1 mile)

FRIDAY 7-9-21
Bear Complex* for weight
*1 Power Clean, 1 Front Squat, 1 Push Press, 1 Back Squat, 1 Behind the neck Push Press
No resting on the floor during the 7 complex reps.

SATURDAY 7-10-21
Open Gym at 8am and 9am
Yoga at 9am

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