So who is sore this week? I thought it was just me, but from what I hear a lot of you are extra sore too. We have new toys to relieve some of that pain. Check them out and see what you think. You can use them everyday at the gym or you can purchase your own if you want to use them all the time.

We are going to practice some of the movements from the Saved By The Barbell workout we are hosting August 31. If I knew the movements for the Rivertown Throwdown, I would include those too. This week is also supposed to be hot! So be careful in your workouts. If you get too hot, take it easy, slow down and wait to get Pr’s another day.

MONDAY 8-12-19
Strength WOD: Deadlift
AMRAP in 12:00
Calorie Row
Burpee Box Jump Over (24,20)
Hang KB Snatch (53,35)

TUESDAY 8-13-19
5 Rounds for time:
500 Meter Row
15 Bench Press (135,95)

AMRAP in 20:00
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 Pistols
15 Pull-ups

THURSDAY 8-15-19
1 Rep Max Clean
For time:
20 Toes-2-Bar
20 Deadlift (225,155)
20 Pistols
200 Double Unders
20 Pistols
20 Deadlift
20 Toes-2-Bar

FRIDAY 8-16-19
10 Rounds for reps:
30 seconds Burpees
30 seconds Rest
30 seconds DB Thrusters (45,30)
30 seconds Rest

SATURDAY 8-17-19
Open Gym from 8 to 10 am

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