We saw some amazing athletes engaged in tremendous competition this week. We set up our tents on Tuesday when we arrived. We took down our tents for a tornado threat on Wednesday night. We were safe in the coliseum but then spent the next morning re-setting up our campsite. Not how we had planned our day. The rest of the time we sat, watched, shopped and ate. Personal fitness was definitely on hold.

This week we are going to share in some of the wods the athletes at the Games enjoyed, and one birthday wod for Chris. We will enjoy our own scales for these home versions.

TUESDAY 8-3-21
7 Rounds for time:
200 meter Run
1 Clean (increasing weight each round)

For time:
Wall Walks

For time:
20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
100’ Bear Crawl
200 Double Unders 
5 Rope Climbs
200 Double Unders
100’ Bear Crawl
20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

FRIDAY 8-6-21
Chris’ Birthday WOD (7-27-88)
For time:
7 Handstand Push-ups
3 Rounds of:
9 Toes-2-Bar
11 Seated Box Jumps*
29 Big Rope Single Unders
Finish with 1 Rope Climb
*Sit on a box in front of the box you will jump on. Jump to the box from the seated position.

Open Gym at 8am and 9am

MONDAY 8-9-21
For time:
1 K Row
50 Pull-ups
100’ Overhead Walking Lunges

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