Please bring gifts in to the gym this week for Amy’s Baby Girl. You may also leave money in an envelope that we can buy a gift card from all of us. I want to support Amy, because she is one of our family, even though she hasn’t been able to work out lately. She has had some pregnancy complications and this has caused her to not be here. I’m sure she will be back soon. Then, do we need to put “mom scale” wods on the board anymore?

Those of you that are just coming back after a break, pace yourselves. Scale as needed and increase a little at a time. Doing too much, too soon is a good way to hurt yourselves. Be smart!

MONDAY 8-4-14
8 Rounds for time:
4 Tire Flips and Jump in and outs
100 meter Sprint-get Sledge Hammer
14 Sledge Hammers
100 meter Sprint-put Sledge Hammer back

TUESDAY 8-5-14
21-15-9 for time:
Thrusters (95, 65)

3 Rounds for time:
20 GHD Sit-ups
20 Push-ups
20 Overhead Walking Lunge Steps (35, 25)

21-15-9 for time:
Deadlift (225, 155)
Hang Power Clean (95, 65)

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FRIDAY 8-8-14
“Double Grace”
60 Clean and Jerks (135, 95)

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Open Gym from 8 to 10 am

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