I'm home! And I read a lot of the book about weight lifting on each of my 8 hour flights. I would like to encourage everyone to participate in the weight lifting program. Everyone needs to gain strength and this is the best way to get there. There are some of you that are worried about getting too buff. The way to do that is to do more reps at less weight. That is what some of you have chosen so as to not get too muscular, but it is the wrong method!

There is also a warm-up on the board from my workout session at CrossFit Groove in Romania. It was very fun and I'm excited to share it with you! For those of you that are doing the weight lifting, you should not do the warm-up on those days. You should Run 400 meters or Row 500 meters then immediately start the weight lifting warm-up with the empty bar. For the days there isn't a weight lifting wod that warm-up is for you!

TUESDAY 9-7-15
Strength WOD: Back Squat, Bench Press, Power Clean
For time:
45-30-15 reps or seconds
GHD Sit-ups (reps)
Hip Extensions (reps)
L-Sit Holds* (secs)
Plank Holds (secs)
* on Rings, accumulate the seconds

Romanian Warm-up then:
Skill: Rack Pulls* (hips and shoulders)
* with the bar in the rack at knee level establish a 2RM, then do 1 set of max reps at 80% of established 2RM
WOD:For time:
Max rep Pull-ups
10 Shin Hops (scale: Box Jumps)

THURSDAY 9-10-15
5 Rounds for time:
20 Thrusters (75,55)
10 Ring Dips
20 Push-up
200' Bear Crawl

FRIDAY 9-11-15
Strength WOD: Back Squat, Shoulder Press, Deadlift
5 Rounds for time:
15 CTB Pull-ups
400m Run

SATURDAY 9-12-15
Open Gym from 8:00-10:00

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